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Spring Replacements

Garage door springs can be very dangerous if they fail. Parts of broken spring may fly off at high speeds, causing property damage. Since garage door springs support the door and hold it up against gravity, faulty springs can cause the door to fall, resulting in fatal injury and severe damage. Therefore, you have to be serious about garage door spring repair to avoid injury and property damages.

Adams Garage Doors LLC is a highly rated full-service garage door spring replacement company in Woodbridge serving clients across the greater Virginia area. Maybe we are a new company, but we have more than 40 years of combined experience repairing and replacing garage door springs. We understand that in this challenging economy, saving more money has become essential for every household. Therefore, we have kept our pricing as low as possible without compromising our service quality. You can count on us to avail of the highest quality garage door installation and repair services at the most affordable prices.

Garage door springs can be categorized into two types, and our experts have years of experience repairing both these types of springs. The types include:

  • Torsion Garage Door Springs: This is the most common type of garage door spring that you will find attached above the closed garage door. It plays a crucial role in closing and opening the garage door. You can count on us for garage door torsion spring repair.
  • Extension Garage Door Springs: This type of garage door spring is found on both sides of the garage door and cables that attach the spring to the track. Your garage may stop working due to faulty extension door springs. In that case, you can reach out to us to fix the issue.

Our full range of garage door installation and repair services are accessible in Woodbridge, Springfield, Alexandria, Lorton, Dumfries, Annandale, and other areas in VA. Call us now at 703-623-6766 to get a free estimate.