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4 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair for Your Commercial Overhead Doors

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Speaking of commercial garage doors, overhead doors are the most common ones found in Virginia. Usually, these overhead garage doors are designed to withstand various working conditions. However, you can find issues to develop from time to time, leaving the doors not working in perfect conditions. Here’s when garage door maintenance and repair is needed.

But, how to know if your garage doors really need repair or maintenance? We are here to help you understand the common commercial garage door issues needing professional help. Let’s get started.

How to Know If Your Commercial Overhead Garage Door Needs Repair

At commercial warehouses, loading docks, and logistic companies, the most common problems faced regarding overhead garage doors are high-traffic operations and complex installations. In these cases, you probably always hire professionals for garage door repair in Virginia.

But, there are some more garage door issues you often overlook that actually need immediate diagnosis, regular maintenance, and professional repair if you want those for more years to last. Otherwise, these can cause issues further as commercial overhead garage doors are designed with robust materials. Let us tell you which those are:

#1: Worn and Damaged Springs

In commercial overhead garage doors, torsion springs are used to counterbalance. If you run a warehouse or loading dock, the chances are that your garage door faces busy commercial operations. Yet, the springs can wear out eventually and damage other components, causing a sudden breakdown that can stop the garage door from working. That’s why we suggest frequent maintenance to prevent such unwanted issues. 

#2: Misaligned or Broken Tracks

Commercial overhead garage doors run on metal guiding tracks, which can stop working or get misaligned if damaged or warped. And, overlooking them can lead to a non-performing garage door as the tracks prevent it from opening and closing properly. 

Broken or misaligned tracks usually happen in warehouses and loading docks when heavy equipment and vehicles pass through regularly. Don’t worry! Commercial broken garage door repair and maintenance will bring your door back on track.

Note: Careful movement, staff training, and operational restrictions can cut the chances of damaged tracks.

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#3: Damaged Garage Door Cables-

Generally, overhead garage doors rely on cable to perform safely. But, when it doesn’t get time-to-time servicing and maintenance, the cables wear out, preventing the garage door from opening and closing properly. In fact, leaving these damaged cables as it is can cause them to come off or detach completely. 

So, whenever you find your garage door not opening or closing completely, get professional help in no time and include garage door repair and maintenance in your commercial garage door troubleshooting routine.  

#4: Damaged and Dirty Rollers-

Overhead garage door mechanism involves rollers to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door. But, these overhead rollers build up rust and dirt over time and impact the mechanism, such as struggling to open and close or making strange noises. 

Usually, you may clean and lubricate the rollers to reduce the noises and perform the door smoothly but this trick doesn’t always work. Instead, we recommend getting it inspected by an expert twice a year and whenever you get strange noises or struggle to open or close the garage door.

And, if the rollers have gone beyond repair, ask the garage door technicians to swap those out.

In Conclusion

Looking for garage door repair and maintenance in Stafford, VA? We hope this guide will help you ideate when it’s the best time to call the technicians for commercial garage door repair. And, while needing expert help, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we have years of experience repairing, replacing, and installing garage doors on residential and commercial premises. 

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