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Garage Door Torsion Springs: How It Works, How to Spot a Broken One, and More

Recently, we have talked to many homeowners (including some of our clients) to learn about their real-life experiences with broken-down garage doors. And here’s what we mostly heard:

Mike H: “One morning, I suddenly found out that my garage door was not opening. After a little inspection, I discovered a snapped torsion spring that actually made the door inoperable and was also a safety hazard for my kids and pets.”

John M: “A few months ago, my garage door was badly creaking and making loud noises. Eventually, it got stuck halfway when opening or closing it. I called professionals, and the problem they identified was damaged cables and openers that I had to replace.” 

Laura K: “My automatic garage door just stopped working one fine morning. I didn’t understand why. Then, I called a technician, and he found out the culprit was a broken garage door torsion spring. Until I replaced it, the door was really heavy to lift manually.”

David P: “My garage door recently malfunctioned, and that was annoying. It was due to a circuit board failure, leading to a stuck garage door opener.”

Sarah L: “A few weeks ago, I noticed that my garage door was unevenly closed. There remained a gap on its side. After calling a technician, I discovered that the torsion spring lost its tension, causing mechanical issues.”

So, you can see that 3 out of 5 homeowners have experienced garage door problems caused by torsion springs. If you wonder how a simple torsion spring can leave a garage door malfunctioning, let us tell you how it works.

How Does a Garage Door Torsion Spring Work?

A torsion spring is an integral part of a garage door. It triggers the lifting mechanism of the door, allowing it to open and close. Usually, these torsion springs are made of steel connected to the door’s header and inside it, there’s a steel cable that runs through a series of rollers attached to the garage door. On the opposite side, the torsion spring is attached to the end-bearing. So, whenever you press the button of the garage door remote or pull the cable manually, the spring triggers to lift the door. There are two panels in the garage door; each is connected with a torsion spring, allowing you to lift the panels and ensuring they remain there until you lower them manually. 

How to Identify a Broken Torsion Spring

Identifying a broken torsion spring is challenging unless you know these tricks to spot them. Moreover, it is crucial to find out and get the garage door torsion spring repaired or replaced to avoid putting your family at risk. Here are a few signs of a broken torsion spring:

  • When the spring is not connected to the rollers and the door
  • When there is a loose spring
  • When the spring is twisted or bent
  • When you can move the spring with your hand
  • When the spring is cracked or rusted

torsion spring repair Annandale

How Much Does a Torsion Spring Replacement Cost?

Whether replacing or getting a garage door torsion spring repair in Annandale, it won’t come cheap. you may have to spend a few hundred dollars for a long-term investment. However, it depends on the complexity of repair or replacement, the size and strengths of the spring, and labor costs. 

In Conclusion

Usually, the garage door is one of the most neglected parts of a home. However, when you find it not performing correctly or malfunctioning, you should take it into account and observe the torsion spring, cables, and openers to spot the problem. 

Or, you can just call our technicians for garage door spring repair and replacements. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, from torsion springs to extension springs, we can get you all covered. Call us now and get a free estimate!

Drive-in Peace: Why a New Garage Door Opener is Worth the Investment?

Just imagine- it’s pouring rain, you’re rushing home, and your garage door refuses to open. Frustrating, isn’t it? Garage door openers are often overlooked until they fail, causing inconvenience and disruption to your daily routine. However, investing in a garage door opener installation service can bring peace of mind, convenience, and a host of other benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why upgrading to a new garage door opener is a smart choice. But before that, let’s take a look at the types of garage door openers:

How Many Types of Garage Door Openers Available?

Garage door openers are classified mainly into three types:

  • Chain Drive Openers: Affordable but very noisy. Not recommended.
  • Belt Drive Openers: Similar to chain drives but quieter due to a rubber belt. Recommended.
  • Screw Drive Openers: Maintenance-free, easy to install and use. Consider installing.

Why Should You Invest in a New Garage Door Opener for Your Home?

  • Safety and Security: One of the most compelling reasons to replace your old garage door opener is the enhanced safety and security features offered by modern models. Advanced openers come equipped with the latest features that can easily prevent potential accidents. Additionally, advanced technology ensures that your garage door opener will provide an extra layer of protection against intruders. By investing in a new garage door opener, you can safeguard your family and property.


  • Noise Reduction: If you’ve ever been jolted awake by the loud, grinding noise of an outdated garage door opener, you know the importance of noise reduction. Newer models are designed to operate quietly, minimizing disturbances and contributing to a more peaceful living environment. This is especially beneficial for homes with bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage, ensuring undisturbed sleep and tranquility


  • Long-Term Savings:While the upfront cost of buying a new garage door opener for your home may seem daunting, it’s important to consider the long-term savings. By replacing your old, inefficient opener, you can significantly reduce maintenance costs and energy bills. Furthermore, the increased safety, convenience, and energy efficiency of a new opener can translate into tangible savings over its lifespan. 


  • Increased Property Value: Beyond the practical advantages, a modern garage door opener can also enhance the curb appeal and overall value of your home. Prospective buyers often perceive the convenience and security features of a new opener as desirable amenities. By upgrading your garage door opener, you not only improve your own living experience but also potentially increase the value of your property.

garage door opener

Final Words:

Investing in a new garage door opener is a decision that offers numerous benefits. From enhanced safety and security to increased property value, a new opener can significantly improve your daily living experience. If you’re tired of dealing with the inefficiencies of your old garage door opener, it’s time to consider upgrading. To avail high-quality services, contact Adams Garage Doors LLC. We are a leading company that you can trust for installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of garage doors. We only use premium garage door openers from top brands like Genie, Chamberlain, etc. Our experts can offer garage door-related services in Springfield, Triangle, Alexandria, Manassas, or other cities in VA. 

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Why Is Frequent Garage Door Maintenance So Important? (A Survey Responses)

Do you have a broken garage door, worn-out springs, or non-moving parts when opening or closing the door? Across the Greater Virginia area, garage doors are a common problem that almost every homeowner experiences. 

The reason behind this is that most homeowners don’t consider professional garage door maintenance more frequently, whether to save money or not to understand its importance. Let us tell you how important it is to maintain garage doors more often to ensure a longer lifespan and reduce their operating issues. 

Significance of Frequent Garage Door Maintenance

As said earlier, the source of a problematic garage door is nothing but lacking proper maintenance from time to time. In fact, a survey we have recently conducted among our existing clients and even some outsiders in the Greater Virginia area has proved that. 

We have asked a question to our customers and non-customers, “How Often Do You Get Professional Garage Door Maintenance Services?” Here are some of the answers to what we mostly got:

“Yes, my garage door makes a little bit of a weird noise. Otherwise, it seems to be performing fine. So, why bother?” -John Brown

“Garage door maintenance is just another expense. Since my garage door is old enough, it gets stuck halfway. But, it’s manageable until it opens and closes fine.” -Sarah Wilson

“It’s been five years, I haven’t got any single maintenance service for my garage door. Yes, it’s just a little slow to respond to the remote, which I guess is normal after five years. So, I don’t see any point in getting it.” – David Smith

“For me, it seems such a waste of money for just a garage door. Even if it takes a couple of attempts to close it or shakes when opening or closing it, I’m good.” -Lisa Thompson

“Well, the weather stripping off my garage door is becoming loose. If I knew there’s something called garage door maintenance, I would have considered it.” -Mark Garcia

And, the list keeps going…

Most answers we have got show that homeowners either don’t have any idea of such services or don’t bother getting them to avoid garage door maintenance costs. But, the truth is that considering garage door maintenance more often can actually save you dollars in the long run. Here’s how:

garage door

Enhancing the door’s lifespan-

A well-maintained garage door can flawlessly perform for up to 15 to 20 years. The more frequently you get a professional maintenance service, the longer the time frames become between the needs for replacing parts. As a result, you can rest assured that your garage door has a maximum lifespan.

Reducing probable mechanical issues-

Considering annual inspections of your garage door once or twice a year can actually eliminate minor problems, which become worse eventually, causing costly headaches. In this way, you can save on significant repairs and expensive replacements. 

Preventing future inconveniences-

A stuck garage door halfway or not opening or closing properly is no less than a nightmare! Frequent maintenance of your garage door can detect these problems and fix them right away. Thus, you can prevent further inconveniences and costly garage door repairs in the future.

Ensuring safety-

A broken garage door torsion spring or a worn-out garage door opener can be dangerous. However, it is hard to identify unless you are a professional. Considering annual garage door maintenance can uncover those safety issues and troubleshoot them to guarantee your safety. 

In Conclusion

So, don’t you think garage door maintenance more often is a necessity? And, if you are seeking a professional garage door maintenance service, count on Adams Garage Doors LLC. We offer top-notch garage door repair and maintenance services while installing high-quality overhead doors of trusted brands if required, such as Raynolds, Wayne-Dalton, Amarr, etc.

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Unfolding the Secret: Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Needs Only Experts

Say, your garage door opener is straining when you lower or raise the door. Well, you should blame the torsion spring, which may grind or creak when you run the door opener. Or, there may be any damage, or they are broken. Whatever the reason is, you should never try to fix it yourself. Instead, all you can do is replace the part or get a garage door torsion spring repair from the top experts in Springfield. Let us tell you why. 

Why Rely on Only Professionals for Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair and Maintenance?

With the advancement of technology, there’s no problem you can solve by following online tutorials. Even repairingto Install Grage Door Tors or replacing a garage door torsion spring is possible. You just need to search for “How ion Springs,” and you get a step-by-step guide. 

However, this guide can’t make anyone an expert overnight to be able to DIY. There remain potential risks. In fact, we can tell you a few vital reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY garage door torsion spring replacement or repair. Such as: 

Determining the right springs

When it comes to repairing or replacing the torsion springs, choosing the correct ones is challenging, especially just by looking at them. Even professionals face the challenge of selecting the right springs for replacements or repair, as various measurements are required here to find the correct proportion for the torsion springs, such as wights, diameters, strengths, and much more. 

Otherwise, wrong measurements can lead to incorrect picks for the springs and end up putting tension on them, causing a quick wear out of parts. Moreover, installing the wrong springs to complete a DIY quickly can injure you.

The danger associated with torsion springs

Do you know that repairing or replacing torsion garage door springs without expertise is extremely dangerous? Generally, a garage door weighs up to 500 pounds, and a broken garage door remains under extreme tension. Yet, not using the correct torsion springs when replacing, repairing, or installing them can cause the tension to release inappropriately, which may injure you or put your life at risk. 

Recent reports for 2023 show that around 2000 people get injured every year in the USA due to attempting DIY garage door spring replacement or repairs. Yet, it’s better to let a professional handle the job rather than end up with broken figures or any other injuries. 

garage door torsion spring repair

Garage door spring installation

Installing torsion springs on garage doors is a creative technique that no amateur can do randomly. Even if a single thing goes wrong when repairing or replacing the springs, you may have to face a lot of challenges. Moreover, you need to select the correct springs (weight and diameter) and use the right tools to ensure the door movement remains smooth and even. Wrong spring calibration can damage the garage door and opener tracks while causing jerky movements. Overall, you will probably end up paying hundreds of dollars for garage door repair and replacement, which is more than a professional would cost. 

In Conclusion

Considering professionals for garage door torsion spring repair and replacement is not just a way to avoid potential risks but also saves time and money. DIY is harder than you think! And, if you are seeking a reliable garage door repair and installation service in Springfield for torsion and extension springs, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we offer same-day garage door repair at the best prices.    

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4 Reasons to Never Slip up on Old Garage Door Opener Replacement

Well, your garage door may seem fine when it comes to keeping your car safe. But, you can’t deny the fact that it wears and tears over time, and malfunctions take place. The longer you leave it unnoticed, the worse it becomes. The reason behind this can be its old garage door openers, which can go out of hand due to lacking maintenance from time to time. 

Still not sure whether you should get your garage door openers checked or replaced? Let us resolve your doubts and help you make the right decision!


Why Should You Never Leave Your Old Garage Door Opener Unnoticed?

When you have an old garage door, especially the openers, which you may not have maintained or replaced since the day of installation, you should look out for bugs and quirks every so often. It will help you avoid electrical problems and costly garage door repairs and replacements over time. Moreover, you can easily identify a troublesome or malfunctioning garage door opener in this way that needs urgent repair or replacement. For instance:

#1: Unusual noise-

Do you find your garage door groaning or moaning? It may be due to its outdated garage door opener. Modern garage door openers come with almost no or minimal sound. Check its noise level, and if it is unusual, the opener may have worn out, which means it requires repair or replacement ASAP. Leaving it unnoticed may cause a breakdown.

Garage Door Opener Repair

#2: Outdated garage door models-

Old garage door openers fail to work more often during a power outage. It means you may be locked out in such emergencies. Of course, your old electronic door openers may have emergency pull latches. But, they remain of no use over time due to wearing off or getting stuck for corrosion. 

Test the mechanism by turning off the power. If it doesn’t work, bring garage door technicians to get it repaired or replace it with new electronic door openers with battery-powered backup features. It will surely save your day during a power outage.

#3: Lacking safety features-

Do you still have those old garage door models from 1993? If yes, the components are probably of the same period if you haven’t replaced them yet. Old garage door openers lack safety reversal mechanisms. The latest garage door openers come with this feature, with two sensors installed six inches above the floor and at either end of the garage door. This mechanism allows a garage door to stop and reverse when any child or pet is passing through its light beam. When your garage door opener doesn’t have this feature, you should get this old model replaced, especially when kids and pets are at home. 

#4: Upgrade your old garage door opener-

Old garage door openers are easy to break or hack, leveraging advanced tools and devices. If invaders have recently broken into your home through your garage door, you should upgrade the old garage door opener model in no time. Switch to modern digital garage door openers, which you can upgrade from time to time, and keep your home safe against invaders while reducing the chances of theft. Or, you can get a garage door opener model with a programmable keypad to access custom security and accessibility options.


In Conclusion

The safety and security of your home are in your hands. To ensure that, get your old garage door opener fixed, maintained, or replaced as quickly as possible. Whether it is damaged or needs upgrading, we are ready to visit you. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we offer affordable and the best garage door repair, maintenance, and installation across Virginia and Maryland. Call us now to get a free estimate!

5 Top Secrets of Getting Garage Door Maintenance So Often

In the Greater Virginia area, almost every home deals with garage door issues and comes with a lot of complaints. Well, that’s no surprise, as garage doors are made of a complex mechanical system containing different moving and non-moving parts, which can wear out over the years. As a result, it breaks down and stops working efficiently.

However, recent reports show that homeowners who maintain their garage doors more often from professionals experience less malfunctioning. Wonder why? Let us unfold the secret!


Why Should You Get Garage Door Maintenance Checks and Inspections More Often?

According to experts, annual garage door maintenance is necessary to keep the doors in pristine condition to ensure efficient performance for a long year. In fact, there’s not just this one, but a few more vital reasons to maintain garage doors so often. Such as:

#1: Reduces Probable Chances of Mechanical Issues-

Getting professional garage door maintenance services once or twice a year allows you to detect minor issues that may seem ignorable but can be worse down the road. Identifying those on time will help you save on not just costly repairs but unwanted headaches. 

#2: Ensures better safety-

A worn out or broken down garage door can be from malfunctioning springs or auto mechanisms. Overlooking it can be dangerous and even end in injuries, especially for kids and pets at home. Getting annual inspections and maintenance checks from experts won’t just help you avoid expensive garage door repairs, but detect major and minor safety issues while troubleshooting them before someone gets injured.

Garage Door Maintenance

#3: Increases the lifespan of your garage door-

When you keep your garage door well-maintained, it can last even up to 15 to 20 years. Getting door maintenance checks and inspections ensures a longer lifespan, fewer replacements, and maximum service life. Just make sure you choose a reputable and professional garage door company for servicing.

#4: Eliminates future inconveniences-

Who else wants to get stuck with a broken or damaged garage door? We guess you don’t either. After all, a garage door not opening or closing correctly can be dangerous and cause injuries to anyone. An annual inspection and maintenance check from the professionals can detect the problems and fix them as soon as possible. As a result, the chances of potential problems are reduced in the future.  

#5: Take advantage of the warranty-

Many garage door manufacturing companies offer a warranty on garage door parts, allowing complete coverage until the warranty expires. With an annual maintenance check and inspection, you can get replacement parts at free or lower costs if required. Choose a company that can help determine if you have this coverage and for how long.


In Conclusion

We hope you understand why you need a complete maintenance check and inspection by professionals more often for your garage door. And, if you are seeking a professional and reliable garage door service provider in VA, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we are offering top-quality garage door repair, installation, and maintenance checks at affordable costs. Also, you can get same-day garage door repair service.

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“A Perfect Garage Door Installation Needs a Pro”- WHY?

Installing garage doors means investing in safety and security. On the other hand, it significantly impacts your home value, with around 85% ROI. No wonder every home in Virginia is showing interest in garage door installation

And, if you are on the same page, make sure you get it done by a professional garage door installer. If you wonder why, let us tell you the secret!

Why Is Hiring Professionals Important for Garage Door Installations?

Of course, installing a new garage door isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s easy these days to jump to the process following the step-by-step guide on Google. But, it’s not a good idea! 

Instead, rely on a professional instead of installing the door yourself. Why? We can give you more than one reason:

Better safety

Recent research shows that thousands of injury cases from garage doors are reported every year, including crushing or pinching fingers. Such cases usually happen during the closing and opening of the garage doors. 

Hence, you can imagine how risky it is to do the installation yourself, especially when you have zero experience handling garage door parts and no time to learn about it! It means the chance of injuries remains more here. Yet, hiring a professional installer is best to do.


Garage door installations require experience to handle potential issues and adjust garage door parts easily and correctly. And, speaking of experience, it’s best to hire a professional garage door installer who can ensure completing the job correctly the first time. Also, as they know what they are doing, you can sit back and relax!

Proper equipment

When you don’t change garage doors so often, you may not have the equipment and tools required for the installation or garage door repair. So, while thinking about installing the door yourself, you may have to rent or purchase the tools, which can cost you huge. 

Instead, you better hire garage door installation experts. These professionals have access to all the equipment to get the job done properly. With these readily available tools, you can save a lot of dollars and time. 

Garage Door Installation



Garage door installers have extensive knowledge and access to professional-grade tools. Yet, they can complete the job faster and more efficiently than you can. After all, you may have to spend a lot of time on YouTube and Google figuring out how to install the door step-by-step or what to do next. In fact, the experts can help you find the right garage door for your home considering your preferences and security needs.

Now, if you are convinced to hire a garage door professional, make sure you choose the right one. Here’s how to find one:

  • How much experience do you have in garage door installation and repair?
  • How long does a garage door installation take?
  • Do you offer any fee estimates?
  • How much does a garage door installation cost?
  • Do you have all the tools and garage door parts on hand?
  • What is your repair and installation policy?

Also, it’s best to read their online reviews and testimonials to ensure their service quality from past clients’ experiences.

In Conclusion

We hope you understand why hiring a pro is necessary for garage door installation. And, if you are looking for an experienced garage door installer nearby in VA, count on us! At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we are offering a full-service garage door installation with a full range of top-notch garage doors. You can also rest assured about garage door maintenance and repair.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Well, it’s hard to guess when it is the right time to replace your garage door opener, especially when your garage door is working perfectly. But, you can’t deny the fact that it’s always better to act before the worst possible situation comes, such as finding your garage door opener stopped working! That’s why even if everything seems fine, you better replace it from time to time so you don’t have to look for “garage door repairs near me” more often. 

However, if you are unsure how often you need to get a garage door opener replacement, let us help you. In this blog post, we will give you some telltale signs pointing to a ‘YES’. Let’s get started!

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

To be honest, like any other homeowner, you don’t keep garage door care at the top of your priority list. However, you should, and replacing garage door openers from time to time is a part of that. To ensure how often you need to do so, it’s necessary to understand how long these parts last and the most obvious signs.

How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

If you get garage door maintenance at least once a year, the opener can last at least 15 to 20 years. However, it also depends on how you care for its moving parts, especially rollers and springs. But, when you don’t maintain your garage door quite well, the chances are you may need to call the best garage door repair company nearby within ten years to replace the openers.

Anyway, replacing your garage door opener from time to time is not just a great way to make your garage door last long but to ensure the safety and security of your kids and pets. After all, a faulty garage door opener can be a risk as it can fall down suddenly due to a lack of automatic reversal. 

Instead, replacing the old and malfunctioned garage door opener with a new one will allow you better connectivity, integrating with smart home features while less noise than conventional garage door openers of the ’90s or ’00s.

Signs to Get a Garage Door Opener Replacement

As mentioned before, it’s hard to identify if your garage door opener needs a quick replacement as the door seems to be working fine. Luckily, there are some obvious signs to ensure this:

Garage Door Opener Replacement

#1: You need to open the garage door manually-

This one is the most common sign of a garage door opener not working. If the door needs manual support every time you open or close it, yes, there’s something wrong, and you need expert help to troubleshoot the garage door opener.

#2: Unnecessary noises-

Have you recently noticed your garage door making noises? It happens when the garage door opener doesn’t work properly. Or, the reason can be dying electric motors or rattling chains slacking and needing tightening. These are the clear signs that you should get the best garage door repair service as soon as possible. 

#3: The garage door is moving slowly-

When your garage door seems to move sluggishly, you should blame its opener for it or the door itself. In fact, the garage door can even get detached from the runners, posing a risk for you, your kids, and your pets. 

Get the Best Garage Door Repair Right Here

Knowing when your garage door opener needs a replacement makes your garage door maintenance easier. And, if you need a garage door opener replacement or an affordable broken garage door repair in VA, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we are offering a full range of garage doors with installation, repair, and maintenance, including replacing garage door openers.

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4 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair for Your Commercial Overhead Doors

Speaking of commercial garage doors, overhead doors are the most common ones found in Virginia. Usually, these overhead garage doors are designed to withstand various working conditions. However, you can find issues to develop from time to time, leaving the doors not working in perfect conditions. Here’s when garage door maintenance and repair is needed.

But, how to know if your garage doors really need repair or maintenance? We are here to help you understand the common commercial garage door issues needing professional help. Let’s get started.

How to Know If Your Commercial Overhead Garage Door Needs Repair

At commercial warehouses, loading docks, and logistic companies, the most common problems faced regarding overhead garage doors are high-traffic operations and complex installations. In these cases, you probably always hire professionals for garage door repair in Virginia.

But, there are some more garage door issues you often overlook that actually need immediate diagnosis, regular maintenance, and professional repair if you want those for more years to last. Otherwise, these can cause issues further as commercial overhead garage doors are designed with robust materials. Let us tell you which those are:

#1: Worn and Damaged Springs

In commercial overhead garage doors, torsion springs are used to counterbalance. If you run a warehouse or loading dock, the chances are that your garage door faces busy commercial operations. Yet, the springs can wear out eventually and damage other components, causing a sudden breakdown that can stop the garage door from working. That’s why we suggest frequent maintenance to prevent such unwanted issues. 

#2: Misaligned or Broken Tracks

Commercial overhead garage doors run on metal guiding tracks, which can stop working or get misaligned if damaged or warped. And, overlooking them can lead to a non-performing garage door as the tracks prevent it from opening and closing properly. 

Broken or misaligned tracks usually happen in warehouses and loading docks when heavy equipment and vehicles pass through regularly. Don’t worry! Commercial broken garage door repair and maintenance will bring your door back on track.

Note: Careful movement, staff training, and operational restrictions can cut the chances of damaged tracks.

garage door repair

#3: Damaged Garage Door Cables-

Generally, overhead garage doors rely on cable to perform safely. But, when it doesn’t get time-to-time servicing and maintenance, the cables wear out, preventing the garage door from opening and closing properly. In fact, leaving these damaged cables as it is can cause them to come off or detach completely. 

So, whenever you find your garage door not opening or closing completely, get professional help in no time and include garage door repair and maintenance in your commercial garage door troubleshooting routine.  

#4: Damaged and Dirty Rollers-

Overhead garage door mechanism involves rollers to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door. But, these overhead rollers build up rust and dirt over time and impact the mechanism, such as struggling to open and close or making strange noises. 

Usually, you may clean and lubricate the rollers to reduce the noises and perform the door smoothly but this trick doesn’t always work. Instead, we recommend getting it inspected by an expert twice a year and whenever you get strange noises or struggle to open or close the garage door.

And, if the rollers have gone beyond repair, ask the garage door technicians to swap those out.

In Conclusion

Looking for garage door repair and maintenance in Stafford, VA? We hope this guide will help you ideate when it’s the best time to call the technicians for commercial garage door repair. And, while needing expert help, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we have years of experience repairing, replacing, and installing garage doors on residential and commercial premises. 

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5 Big Reasons Why You Need Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Whether you realize it or not, the probabilities are your residential garage door is in need of repair or maintenance. Give a thought about it- as it may be one of the most neglected portions of your home. Just like you call a professional in the case of an air conditioner or alarm system malfunctioning, similarly, your garage door deserves the same kind of upkeep. Read this article further, to find out why garage door maintenance is so vital from our team of experts.

Five Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance Now

Your house must be one of your most precious possessions. Now to keep it intact various measures need to be taken to ensure its proper functionality, right? The same is the case of garage doors that might call for immediate maintenance service by professionals. Here you go with the most important reasons why you need them.

1. Gaps between the door and ground

It is observed that your garage door might tend to evolve noticeable gaps from warping caused by water or other such elements. Keeping these areas unsealed will enhance the chances of letting rodents, critters and intruders into your garage door. This may also give you a chance to vandalize your personal belongings that may potentially get inside your home too.

2. Convenience

You might be aware of the fact that garage doors are extremely convenient especially when it allows you to escape the cold or hot as well as the snow and rain. This is why a broken garage door happens to be significantly inconvenient. Thus, do not let yourself be struck and let the hassle irritate you. Hiring a professional would serve better here.

3. Avoiding unexpected repairs

Reduce unnecessary expenses and make sure that your residential garage door stays in perfect condition all year round. In this regard, some simple maintenance services by professionals may help you to prevent major garage door issues in the long run.

4. Properly working sensors

The sensors of your garage door play a critical role as without its proper functioning your garage door will not close too. This is the reason the sensors are to be checked and realigned frequently especially when you notice an irregular functioning while shutting the door.

5. Keep rust at bay

It is natural that your garage door has cables and springs which are often prone to rusting. Having them checked by the professionals annually will ensure their proper function and if required they may also reinstall them to provide you with a better experience.

Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

How Often Should You Have Maintenance on Your Garage Door?

This is one of the most common questions asked by almost all homeowners. Although the answer varies depending on how often you are using your garage door. There are many examples when homeowners do not use the space for placing their car but to store their essentials. In this case, the space may not be in frequent use. But if you are storing your garage for garaging your car then its use must be more in respect to other reasons. For the second case, a half-yearly check may serve good but for every case, yearly maintenance is a must.

Trust the Experienced Professionals at Adams Garage Doors LLC

Does your garage door need immediate maintenance? Do you remember when was the last time you had your garage door maintenance done? If it has been more than a year or two, do not think twice to give us a call. We understand how important it is for you when it comes to repairing or installing garage doors. Our experienced team of professionals cover all your garage door servicing needs and deliver same-day service. Our additional expert tips for garage door maintenance are something truly unique and captivating.

Feel free to reach out to us and avail yourself of high-quality garage door installation and maintenance services at the best price. Make a call now to get a free estimate