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Unfolding the Secret: Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Needs Only Experts

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Say, your garage door opener is straining when you lower or raise the door. Well, you should blame the torsion spring, which may grind or creak when you run the door opener. Or, there may be any damage, or they are broken. Whatever the reason is, you should never try to fix it yourself. Instead, all you can do is replace the part or get a garage door torsion spring repair from the top experts in Springfield. Let us tell you why. 

Why Rely on Only Professionals for Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair and Maintenance?

With the advancement of technology, there’s no problem you can solve by following online tutorials. Even repairingto Install Grage Door Tors or replacing a garage door torsion spring is possible. You just need to search for “How ion Springs,” and you get a step-by-step guide. 

However, this guide can’t make anyone an expert overnight to be able to DIY. There remain potential risks. In fact, we can tell you a few vital reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY garage door torsion spring replacement or repair. Such as: 

Determining the right springs

When it comes to repairing or replacing the torsion springs, choosing the correct ones is challenging, especially just by looking at them. Even professionals face the challenge of selecting the right springs for replacements or repair, as various measurements are required here to find the correct proportion for the torsion springs, such as wights, diameters, strengths, and much more. 

Otherwise, wrong measurements can lead to incorrect picks for the springs and end up putting tension on them, causing a quick wear out of parts. Moreover, installing the wrong springs to complete a DIY quickly can injure you.

The danger associated with torsion springs

Do you know that repairing or replacing torsion garage door springs without expertise is extremely dangerous? Generally, a garage door weighs up to 500 pounds, and a broken garage door remains under extreme tension. Yet, not using the correct torsion springs when replacing, repairing, or installing them can cause the tension to release inappropriately, which may injure you or put your life at risk. 

Recent reports for 2023 show that around 2000 people get injured every year in the USA due to attempting DIY garage door spring replacement or repairs. Yet, it’s better to let a professional handle the job rather than end up with broken figures or any other injuries. 

garage door torsion spring repair

Garage door spring installation

Installing torsion springs on garage doors is a creative technique that no amateur can do randomly. Even if a single thing goes wrong when repairing or replacing the springs, you may have to face a lot of challenges. Moreover, you need to select the correct springs (weight and diameter) and use the right tools to ensure the door movement remains smooth and even. Wrong spring calibration can damage the garage door and opener tracks while causing jerky movements. Overall, you will probably end up paying hundreds of dollars for garage door repair and replacement, which is more than a professional would cost. 

In Conclusion

Considering professionals for garage door torsion spring repair and replacement is not just a way to avoid potential risks but also saves time and money. DIY is harder than you think! And, if you are seeking a reliable garage door repair and installation service in Springfield for torsion and extension springs, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we offer same-day garage door repair at the best prices.    

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