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Garage Door Torsion Springs: How It Works, How to Spot a Broken One, and More

garage door torsion spring

Recently, we have talked to many homeowners (including some of our clients) to learn about their real-life experiences with broken-down garage doors. And here’s what we mostly heard:

Mike H: “One morning, I suddenly found out that my garage door was not opening. After a little inspection, I discovered a snapped torsion spring that actually made the door inoperable and was also a safety hazard for my kids and pets.”

John M: “A few months ago, my garage door was badly creaking and making loud noises. Eventually, it got stuck halfway when opening or closing it. I called professionals, and the problem they identified was damaged cables and openers that I had to replace.” 

Laura K: “My automatic garage door just stopped working one fine morning. I didn’t understand why. Then, I called a technician, and he found out the culprit was a broken garage door torsion spring. Until I replaced it, the door was really heavy to lift manually.”

David P: “My garage door recently malfunctioned, and that was annoying. It was due to a circuit board failure, leading to a stuck garage door opener.”

Sarah L: “A few weeks ago, I noticed that my garage door was unevenly closed. There remained a gap on its side. After calling a technician, I discovered that the torsion spring lost its tension, causing mechanical issues.”

So, you can see that 3 out of 5 homeowners have experienced garage door problems caused by torsion springs. If you wonder how a simple torsion spring can leave a garage door malfunctioning, let us tell you how it works.

How Does a Garage Door Torsion Spring Work?

A torsion spring is an integral part of a garage door. It triggers the lifting mechanism of the door, allowing it to open and close. Usually, these torsion springs are made of steel connected to the door’s header and inside it, there’s a steel cable that runs through a series of rollers attached to the garage door. On the opposite side, the torsion spring is attached to the end-bearing. So, whenever you press the button of the garage door remote or pull the cable manually, the spring triggers to lift the door. There are two panels in the garage door; each is connected with a torsion spring, allowing you to lift the panels and ensuring they remain there until you lower them manually. 

How to Identify a Broken Torsion Spring

Identifying a broken torsion spring is challenging unless you know these tricks to spot them. Moreover, it is crucial to find out and get the garage door torsion spring repaired or replaced to avoid putting your family at risk. Here are a few signs of a broken torsion spring:

  • When the spring is not connected to the rollers and the door
  • When there is a loose spring
  • When the spring is twisted or bent
  • When you can move the spring with your hand
  • When the spring is cracked or rusted

torsion spring repair Annandale

How Much Does a Torsion Spring Replacement Cost?

Whether replacing or getting a garage door torsion spring repair in Annandale, it won’t come cheap. you may have to spend a few hundred dollars for a long-term investment. However, it depends on the complexity of repair or replacement, the size and strengths of the spring, and labor costs. 

In Conclusion

Usually, the garage door is one of the most neglected parts of a home. However, when you find it not performing correctly or malfunctioning, you should take it into account and observe the torsion spring, cables, and openers to spot the problem. 

Or, you can just call our technicians for garage door spring repair and replacements. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, from torsion springs to extension springs, we can get you all covered. Call us now and get a free estimate!