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4 Reasons to Never Slip up on Old Garage Door Opener Replacement

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Well, your garage door may seem fine when it comes to keeping your car safe. But, you can’t deny the fact that it wears and tears over time, and malfunctions take place. The longer you leave it unnoticed, the worse it becomes. The reason behind this can be its old garage door openers, which can go out of hand due to lacking maintenance from time to time. 

Still not sure whether you should get your garage door openers checked or replaced? Let us resolve your doubts and help you make the right decision!


Why Should You Never Leave Your Old Garage Door Opener Unnoticed?

When you have an old garage door, especially the openers, which you may not have maintained or replaced since the day of installation, you should look out for bugs and quirks every so often. It will help you avoid electrical problems and costly garage door repairs and replacements over time. Moreover, you can easily identify a troublesome or malfunctioning garage door opener in this way that needs urgent repair or replacement. For instance:

#1: Unusual noise-

Do you find your garage door groaning or moaning? It may be due to its outdated garage door opener. Modern garage door openers come with almost no or minimal sound. Check its noise level, and if it is unusual, the opener may have worn out, which means it requires repair or replacement ASAP. Leaving it unnoticed may cause a breakdown.

Garage Door Opener Repair

#2: Outdated garage door models-

Old garage door openers fail to work more often during a power outage. It means you may be locked out in such emergencies. Of course, your old electronic door openers may have emergency pull latches. But, they remain of no use over time due to wearing off or getting stuck for corrosion. 

Test the mechanism by turning off the power. If it doesn’t work, bring garage door technicians to get it repaired or replace it with new electronic door openers with battery-powered backup features. It will surely save your day during a power outage.

#3: Lacking safety features-

Do you still have those old garage door models from 1993? If yes, the components are probably of the same period if you haven’t replaced them yet. Old garage door openers lack safety reversal mechanisms. The latest garage door openers come with this feature, with two sensors installed six inches above the floor and at either end of the garage door. This mechanism allows a garage door to stop and reverse when any child or pet is passing through its light beam. When your garage door opener doesn’t have this feature, you should get this old model replaced, especially when kids and pets are at home. 

#4: Upgrade your old garage door opener-

Old garage door openers are easy to break or hack, leveraging advanced tools and devices. If invaders have recently broken into your home through your garage door, you should upgrade the old garage door opener model in no time. Switch to modern digital garage door openers, which you can upgrade from time to time, and keep your home safe against invaders while reducing the chances of theft. Or, you can get a garage door opener model with a programmable keypad to access custom security and accessibility options.


In Conclusion

The safety and security of your home are in your hands. To ensure that, get your old garage door opener fixed, maintained, or replaced as quickly as possible. Whether it is damaged or needs upgrading, we are ready to visit you. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we offer affordable and the best garage door repair, maintenance, and installation across Virginia and Maryland. Call us now to get a free estimate!