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Why Is Frequent Garage Door Maintenance So Important? (A Survey Responses)

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Do you have a broken garage door, worn-out springs, or non-moving parts when opening or closing the door? Across the Greater Virginia area, garage doors are a common problem that almost every homeowner experiences. 

The reason behind this is that most homeowners don’t consider professional garage door maintenance more frequently, whether to save money or not to understand its importance. Let us tell you how important it is to maintain garage doors more often to ensure a longer lifespan and reduce their operating issues. 

Significance of Frequent Garage Door Maintenance

As said earlier, the source of a problematic garage door is nothing but lacking proper maintenance from time to time. In fact, a survey we have recently conducted among our existing clients and even some outsiders in the Greater Virginia area has proved that. 

We have asked a question to our customers and non-customers, “How Often Do You Get Professional Garage Door Maintenance Services?” Here are some of the answers to what we mostly got:

“Yes, my garage door makes a little bit of a weird noise. Otherwise, it seems to be performing fine. So, why bother?” -John Brown

“Garage door maintenance is just another expense. Since my garage door is old enough, it gets stuck halfway. But, it’s manageable until it opens and closes fine.” -Sarah Wilson

“It’s been five years, I haven’t got any single maintenance service for my garage door. Yes, it’s just a little slow to respond to the remote, which I guess is normal after five years. So, I don’t see any point in getting it.” – David Smith

“For me, it seems such a waste of money for just a garage door. Even if it takes a couple of attempts to close it or shakes when opening or closing it, I’m good.” -Lisa Thompson

“Well, the weather stripping off my garage door is becoming loose. If I knew there’s something called garage door maintenance, I would have considered it.” -Mark Garcia

And, the list keeps going…

Most answers we have got show that homeowners either don’t have any idea of such services or don’t bother getting them to avoid garage door maintenance costs. But, the truth is that considering garage door maintenance more often can actually save you dollars in the long run. Here’s how:

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Enhancing the door’s lifespan-

A well-maintained garage door can flawlessly perform for up to 15 to 20 years. The more frequently you get a professional maintenance service, the longer the time frames become between the needs for replacing parts. As a result, you can rest assured that your garage door has a maximum lifespan.

Reducing probable mechanical issues-

Considering annual inspections of your garage door once or twice a year can actually eliminate minor problems, which become worse eventually, causing costly headaches. In this way, you can save on significant repairs and expensive replacements. 

Preventing future inconveniences-

A stuck garage door halfway or not opening or closing properly is no less than a nightmare! Frequent maintenance of your garage door can detect these problems and fix them right away. Thus, you can prevent further inconveniences and costly garage door repairs in the future.

Ensuring safety-

A broken garage door torsion spring or a worn-out garage door opener can be dangerous. However, it is hard to identify unless you are a professional. Considering annual garage door maintenance can uncover those safety issues and troubleshoot them to guarantee your safety. 

In Conclusion

So, don’t you think garage door maintenance more often is a necessity? And, if you are seeking a professional garage door maintenance service, count on Adams Garage Doors LLC. We offer top-notch garage door repair and maintenance services while installing high-quality overhead doors of trusted brands if required, such as Raynolds, Wayne-Dalton, Amarr, etc.

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