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5 Top Secrets of Getting Garage Door Maintenance So Often

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In the Greater Virginia area, almost every home deals with garage door issues and comes with a lot of complaints. Well, that’s no surprise, as garage doors are made of a complex mechanical system containing different moving and non-moving parts, which can wear out over the years. As a result, it breaks down and stops working efficiently.

However, recent reports show that homeowners who maintain their garage doors more often from professionals experience less malfunctioning. Wonder why? Let us unfold the secret!


Why Should You Get Garage Door Maintenance Checks and Inspections More Often?

According to experts, annual garage door maintenance is necessary to keep the doors in pristine condition to ensure efficient performance for a long year. In fact, there’s not just this one, but a few more vital reasons to maintain garage doors so often. Such as:

#1: Reduces Probable Chances of Mechanical Issues-

Getting professional garage door maintenance services once or twice a year allows you to detect minor issues that may seem ignorable but can be worse down the road. Identifying those on time will help you save on not just costly repairs but unwanted headaches. 

#2: Ensures better safety-

A worn out or broken down garage door can be from malfunctioning springs or auto mechanisms. Overlooking it can be dangerous and even end in injuries, especially for kids and pets at home. Getting annual inspections and maintenance checks from experts won’t just help you avoid expensive garage door repairs, but detect major and minor safety issues while troubleshooting them before someone gets injured.

Garage Door Maintenance

#3: Increases the lifespan of your garage door-

When you keep your garage door well-maintained, it can last even up to 15 to 20 years. Getting door maintenance checks and inspections ensures a longer lifespan, fewer replacements, and maximum service life. Just make sure you choose a reputable and professional garage door company for servicing.

#4: Eliminates future inconveniences-

Who else wants to get stuck with a broken or damaged garage door? We guess you don’t either. After all, a garage door not opening or closing correctly can be dangerous and cause injuries to anyone. An annual inspection and maintenance check from the professionals can detect the problems and fix them as soon as possible. As a result, the chances of potential problems are reduced in the future.  

#5: Take advantage of the warranty-

Many garage door manufacturing companies offer a warranty on garage door parts, allowing complete coverage until the warranty expires. With an annual maintenance check and inspection, you can get replacement parts at free or lower costs if required. Choose a company that can help determine if you have this coverage and for how long.


In Conclusion

We hope you understand why you need a complete maintenance check and inspection by professionals more often for your garage door. And, if you are seeking a professional and reliable garage door service provider in VA, count on us. At Adams Garage Doors LLC, we are offering top-quality garage door repair, installation, and maintenance checks at affordable costs. Also, you can get same-day garage door repair service.

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