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Garage Door Repair Vs Garage Door Replacement: Which Is The Best Option

Same Day Garage Door Repair Reston

In our busy lives, we use garage doors too often. Garage doors are meant to be durable and we take advantage of their durability in our fast-paced life. A report suggests that a garage door opens and closes 15,000 times in a year on average in the USA. It is an astounding number. However, people in the 21st century are really busy with their work, schools, shops, business, doctor visits, games, and work as they rush in and out quite frequently while using garage doors. However, with our daily work routine, it is quite possible that the garage doors we use so often may face some issues like cracked panels, chipped paints, and worn-down parts. So if your garage door starts to wear down what are your options? Repair or replace? We hope you would like to consider a few vital points before making this decision.

Things To Consider For Narrowing Your Decision:

  • Extent Of Damage: Before taking the decision on repair or replacement you must assess the extent of damage in your garage door. Does your garage only sustain minor damage or it is severe? What are the problems you are facing while operating your garage door? If the extent of the damage is so severe that you are unable to open or close the garage door, you should think about replacement. 


  • Age Of The Door: It is another vital aspect that you should consider while making the repair or replacement decision. An older garage door needs a quick replacement to prevent intruders and dangerous animals from coming inside of your house. However, if in spite of being old, it has only minor damage you may consult with your nearest repair shop for same-day garage door repair


  • Cost Of Repairing: Cost is another important aspect that you must take into account. If the door is too old, you may have to spend an amount with which you can buy a brand-new door for your garage. But if your door has minor or moderate damages, you can call a repair expert nearby to restore its functionalities.

Same Day Garage Door Repair Reston


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We have a trained team of repaired technicians and professionals with the years-long experience to deal with any issues in your garage door.  The technicians have all the necessary tools and instruments to carry out all types of repairing work for different garage doors from leading brands.