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Garage Door Tools That You Need for Maintenance

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Garage door maintenance and repair fall into the category that the majority of the DIYers don’t touch. You will need at least two people to accomplish a typical garage door repair job. But most importantly, garage doors use torsion wires and springs that most DIYers can’t adjust.

The combination of factors mentioned above makes garage door repair and maintenance a difficult job for average homeowners. That’s why we always recommend people to hire an expert for garage door repair in Chantilly VA. Adams Garage Doors LLC is a full-service company that you can trust for all your garage door needs. Our service is not just limited to installing and repairing garages, but we also want to educate our customers. 

The purpose of this post is to educate DIYers about the tools that they need for maintenance and repair. So, continue reading to know about the tools that you need to get the job done.

  1. Ladders

Garage door maintenance is not possible without ladders. Meanwhile, it is also essential to understand that garage doors are much heavier than they seem. An old ladder can weigh around 450 pounds. So, you must invest in a robust ladder for garage door maintenance or repair. 

  1. Hand Tools

You will need various hand tools for jobs like winding cones, removing hinges, panels, etc. Screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, ratchet set are the few hand tools you must need to repair the garage door. Buying these tools is easy but using them is not. Maintenance or repairing will be complex for you if you don’t know how to use a wrench or other hand tools. That’s why we always recommend hiring an expert company that offers garage door repair and service in Chantilly as well as in other places.

Garage Doors Chantilly

  1. Safety Gear

Taking proper safety measures is vital for garage door installation and other services. So, you will also need safety gear like leather gloves for garage door repair and maintenance. Leather gloves will give you grip and protection during the job. 


  1. Locking Pliers 

If you own a garage for many years, you are already aware that all springs eventually break. While working on the springs, you must use locking pliers and clamps to secure the door with a frame. It will help you to prevent accidents while working on springs. You might get exposed to accidents and injuries if you don’t follow the safety guidelines in every step of maintenance. That’s why it is always recommended to hire an expert company for repairing garage doors Chantilly and other areas. 

These are the few tools that you need for garage door maintenance and repair. But we advise you to rely on an expert repairing company if you don’t have previous experience in garage door maintenance. Adams Garage Doors LLC is a highly experienced company offering a full spectrum of services to clients at affordable prices. You can count on us for garage door repair, installation, etc.